Inspector Mohammed Hendawy opens the tombs.

This week the Leiden-Turin Archaeological Expedition to Saqqara arrived in Egypt after a two-year absence.

The team will continue to excavate a new tomb, the entrance of which was found during the last excavation season in 2019.

Also this year, Friends of Saqqara is supporting the work thanks to the donations of our Friends! You can support the project by becoming a Friend (see the information at the bottom of the page).

A weekly Digging Diary will be posted on the website of the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden to keep us updated on the progress of the excavations.

This week, in the first post of this year, the opening of the archaeological site is explained.

You can read the Digging Diary here: (Dutch) (English)

We wish the team a very fruitful season and we look forward to reading about their new finds!