Dear Friends,

The past few weeks have been intense for everyone. I hope everything goes well with you and your family and friends. It is a particularly difficult time in which the corona virus affects society, our daily life and everyone’s social life. It will take a while before everything will be back to “normal” again. Unfortunately, events currently pose a risk of spreading the virus too quickly and too widely. The Dutch government has therefore decided that the current ban on events will be extended until 1 September.

As a result, Friends of Saqqara is forced to cancel the annual Saqqara 2020 Day, scheduled for Saturday, June 6. Needless to say, we deeply regret this decision, but the board of Friends of Saqqara obviously adheres to the decision-making of the government and unfortunately the current situation gives us no other choice.

For now we think it is especially important that everyone puts his or her health and that of their loved ones first. We wish everyone a lot of strength and good health. Please watch yourself and each other.

On behalf of the entire board of Friends of Saqqara,

Best wishes,
Vincent Oeters