Saqqara-Day 2020 Cancelled

Dear Friends,

The past few weeks have been intense for everyone. I hope everything goes well with you and your family and friends. It is a particularly difficult time in which the corona virus affects society, our daily life and everyone’s social life. It will take a while before everything will be back to “normal” again. Unfortunately, events currently pose a risk of spreading the virus too quickly and too widely. The Dutch government has therefore decided that the current ban on events will be extended until 1 September.

As a result, Friends of Saqqara is forced to cancel the annual Saqqara 2020 Day, scheduled for Saturday, June 6. Needless to say, we deeply regret this decision, but the board of Friends of Saqqara obviously adheres to the decision-making of the government and unfortunately the current situation gives us no other choice.

For now we think it is especially important that everyone puts his or her health and that of their loved ones first. We wish everyone a lot of strength and good health. Please watch yourself and each other.

On behalf of the entire board of Friends of Saqqara,

Best wishes,
Vincent Oeters

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COVID-19 Update

Dear Friends,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic most of us are locked up inside and working from home to curb the virus. We hope that all of you are safe and healthy in these bizarre circumstances and we wish you the best in these difficult times. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their loved ones.

As was to be expected, like all other missions, the Leiden-Turin excavation team had to cancel its campaign planned for Spring 2020. Egypt has suspended all international air traffic, hotels and tourist facilities are closing. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced that all museums and archaeological sites in Egypt will be closed from March 23. Friends of Saqqara wishes all our Egyptian friends and colleagues strength in overcoming this crisis now that so many will have no income.

Our Friends of Saqqara pubquiz is postponed since all public gatherings have been suspended in the Netherlands until 1 June 2020; the Dutch government will re-evaluate corona measures on 6 April. This implies that our annual Saqqara Day planned for 6 June 2020 might be postponed also. We will evaluate in the days to come. News on the activities of the Friends of Saqqara Foundation will soon follow. In the meantime, we would like to suggest you attend the Online Events of our colleagues at the EES (in English), and visit a tour by Gabriele Pieke on the exhibition „Yesterday – Tomorrow“ in the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum in Mannheim (in German), and a virtual tour by Lara Weiss on the exhibition “Saqqara: Living in a City of the Dead” in Leiden (in Dutch). Remember, you can also visit the tombs of Horemheb and Maya at home in our Virtual Tours!

Take care of yourself and each other,

On behalf of the entire board of Friends of Saqqara,

Vincent Oeters

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Boekenmarkt in het RMO

Op zondag 2 februari neemt Friends of Saqqara deel aan de grote (tweedehands) boekenmarkt in het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden. Van 10.00-16.30u kunt u in de Tempelzaal van het museum snuffelen in het aanbod van:

  • de RMO-museumwinkel (extra korting voor RoMeO-leden en BankGiro Loterij VIP-kaarthouders!)
  • de RMO-bibliotheek (doublures van wetenschappelijke publicaties)
  • het NINO-onderzoekscentrum (oudere publicaties) en de NINO-bibliotheek (doublures van wetenschappelijke publicaties)
  • Ex Oriente Lux (wetenschappelijke en publieksboeken over het Oude Nabije Oosten)
  • Friends of Saqqara (tweedehands boeken over het oude Egypte, het Oude Nabije Oosten en de klassieke oudheid)

Graag tot ziens!

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Saqqara-dag 2020: save the date!

De 18e Saqqara-dag vindt plaats op zaterdag 6 juni 2020. Noteer de datum alvast in uw agenda! Het programma wordt later bekend gemaakt. Vaste onderdelen zullen ook dit jaar zijn: een verslag van de Leids-Turijnse opgravingen in 2020, een bijzondere buitenlandse spreker en onze tweedehands boekenmarkt.

Donateurs van de stichting Friends of Saqqara betalen geen entreegeld voor de Saqqara-dag. Nog geen donateur? Meld u aan via en maak uw donatie over naar ons bankrekeningnummer. Meer informatie staat onderaan deze webpagina (in de voettekst van elke pagina op onze website).

The 18th Saqqara Day will take place in Leiden on Saturday 6 June 2020; save the date! The full program will be revealed later. As in previous years, you may certainly expect a report on the Leiden-Turin excavations at Saqqara in 2020, an international speaker, and our second-hand book market.

Friends of Saqqara members receive free entrance to the Saqqara Day. If you wish to become a Friend, please email us at and transfer your donation into our bank account. More information is found at the bottom of this webpage (and in the footer of all pages on our website).

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Saqqara Newsletter 17 (2019)

Saqqara Newsletter, vol. 17 (2019) cover

Saqqara Newsletter, vol. 17 (2019)

Happy New Year to all our Friends and followers!

We will send the newest issue of our Saqqara Newsletter to all Friends of Saqqara shortly after 6 January.


  • From the Chairperson – Vincent Oeters
  • Brief report of the Leiden-Turin Expedition to Saqqara (season 2019) – Paolo Del Vesco, Daniel Soliman, Lara Weiss;
  • Tiny tombs at Saqqara: The subsidiary tombs of the First Dynasty – Geirr Lunden;
  • Early Ramesside royalty at Rosetau – Tamás A. Bács;
    From Maïa to Meritaten – Alain Zivie;
  • Immaterial data and material culture: Surveying and modelling the New Kingdom tombs of Saqqara – Corinna Rossi.
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Programma 17e Saqqara-dag, 15 juni 2019 (in Dutch)

Zaterdag 15 juni 2019
Lipsius-gebouw (Universiteit Leiden)
Cleveringaplaats 1

09:00-09.45u Inschrijving en ontvangst met koffie/thee
09.45-10.00u Opening 17e Saqqara-dag door de voorzitter van Friends of Saqqara Vincent Oeters
10.00-10.45u The tomb of the army general Iwrkhy and related genealogy problems (Engelstalig) Ola el-Aguizy (Cairo University)
10.45-11.15u Pauze met koffie/thee
Detective Hormin: verloren graf en verdwaalde objecten
Fania Kruijf
12.00-14.00u Lunchpauze (op eigen gelegenheid)
14.00-14.20u Saqqara Newsflash: bijzondere ontdekkingen in het nieuws Carolien van Zoest
Fysische antropologie: botten laten spreken
Ali Jelene Scheers
14.40-15.15u Pauze met koffie/thee
15.15-16.15u Verslag van het opgravingsseizoen 2019 in Saqqara door de opgravingsleiders Lara Weiss
16.15-16.30u Loterijtrekking
16.30-18.00u Afsluitende borrel
vanaf 18.00u Diner in restaurant Verboden Toegang (optioneel)

Donateurs gratis, studenten € 5, anderen € 10 entree (incl. koffie en thee, excl. lunch en diner).

Deelname aan het aansluitende diner in restaurant Verboden Toegang kost ca. € 25 à € 30 (à la carte).

Verdiep uw kennis van het oude Egypte, leer meer over de begraafplaats Saqqara, ontmoet de wetenschappers die er werkzaam zijn èn uw mede-geïnteresseerden, sla uw slag op de tweedehands boekenmarkt, doe mee met een spannende loterij en geniet samen met ons van een afsluitend diner. Mis het niet!

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